Metal Master 20 brake contractor grade for bending

Metal Master® 20

Deepest Throat, Portable Aluminum Bending Brake designed for Siding, Windows, Door and Trim.

  • New Casting, lighter yet stronger
  • Features a 20" throat depth, largest available
  • Bends up 180° Hems for complex bend profiles
  • Engineered to perform 5 ⁄ 8" bend for tighter J-Channel pockets
  • *Model shown with the optional UniStand™ EZ-Go - USA2EZ
    Made in the USA

    Features & Benefits

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    Locking Handle Power Lock Bar Cam Locking System Military Grade Aluminum Casting Dual Support Base Rails POWERslot Hinge Bending Handle

    1. Locking Handle

    Full loop locking handle secure locks by pushing handle away from user. This allows handle to not interfere with material when bending larger pieces. Has quick release handles for easy transportation.

    2. Power Lock™ Bar

    Dual hollow core lock bar improves strength. Increased radius for faster and easier hemming.

    3. Cam Locking System

    Van Mark has engineered the most effective and practical method for locking material on a bending brake. This patented design consists of an Aluminum Cam with a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene wedge.

    4. Redesigned Military Grade Aluminum Castings

    Each clamping station uses TWO Military Grade Aluminum Castings. The dual castings provide a strong and solid clamping pressure. This design has been time-tested and endured.

    5. Dual Support Base Rails

    All Van Mark brakes come standard with TWO full base rail extrusions that provide a solid foundation. Inhibits twisting and torqueing while bending.

    6. POWERslot™ Hinge

    Durable hinge that "auto-measures" 5 ⁄ 8" hem with ease. This hinge design provide increase bending strength.

    7. Bending Handle

    Full loop bending handle connects a 2-4 integrated contact points allowing for straighter, more even bends with one hand operation. Ideal for bending and hemming full length (8ft +) pieces.

    Larger Throat Depth
    Throat Depth Icon

    New Stronger yet Lighter Casting

    Our new castings are 15% lighter yet 20% stronger than our original. Adds life to the casting and produces more precise bends. Has a 20" Throat Depth to bend wider material.
    Powerlock bar
    Power Lock Icon

    Power Lock™ Bar

    Provides stronger clamping along the entire bending edge for crisp, clean bends which is even stronger with the new lockmaster castings.
    Increased Bending Radius
    Increased Radius Icon

    Full 150° bending radius

    Makes the second step of "hemming" to 180° even easier
    Introducing our new and improved castings, lighter yet stronger. Question: How do you make something Lighter yet stronger? Answer: Innovative Design using solid Modeling Technology. This allows each casting to clamp tighter, producing more accurate and precise bends.

    The Metal Master® 20 was originally designed for the metal roofing industry and this why we engineered the largest throat depth portable bending brake available. The success and popularity of our metal roofing Metal Master® 20 has created demand from residential siding and roofing contractors to develop a lighter version with a 20" Throat Depth, so we did. The Metal Master® 20 Contractor version offers same great capabilities and functionality as the Mark Series, but now with a deeper throat. Versatile in its ability to perform various complex bending profiles with ease. Go from bending simple flashing to intricate outside corner posts without making any adjustments to the bending brake. The POWERslot™ Hinge “auto-measures” to a 5 ⁄ 8" bend to make tight pockets for vinyl siding and fiber cement boards. The durable Cam-Locking has proven year after year to be reliable without constant adjustments.

  • New Casting, lighter yet stronger.
  • POWERlock™ provides a strong clamping without need for adjusting when changing material.
  • POWERslot™ hinge "auto-measures" 5 ⁄ 8" hem with ease.
  • Increased bending radius simplifies hemming & over-bending resulting in faster, easier operations.
  • Available in lengths of 2’0", 4’6", 6’6", 8’6", 10’6", and 12’6".
    Model Line:
    Metal Master 20 - 60 Series
    Throat Depth:
    Hinge Type:
    Stand Options:
    Sold seperately; USA2EZ, USA2, and UNL2 stands needed for 20" throat brakes. Click here for Stands
    1 Year

    2'0" (0.61 m)
    2 ea.
    52 lbs (23.6 kg)
    4'6" (1.37 m)
    2 ea.
    78 lbs (35.5 kg)
    6'6" (1.98 m)
    3 ea.
    107 lbs (48.6 kg)
    8'6" (2.59 m)
    3 ea.
    122 lbs (55.5 kg)
    10'6" (3.20 m)
    4 ea.
    148 lbs (67.3 kg)
    12'6" (3.81 m)
    5 ea.
    194 lbs (88.2 kg)
    * dual bending & Locking handles

    Maximum Thickness
    Aluminum (3003H14)
    Galvanized Steel
    29 ga.
    Painted Steel (Grade D)
    29 ga.
    Roofing Copper
    24 oz. soft
    .032" soft
    Stainless Steel (304L)
    29 ga.
    * Capacities are based on standard metal properties for coil & sheet. Please contact our factory for capacities on your specific material.

    1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

    Van Mark Products Corporation warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for or a period of 1-year from the date of original purchase. For details, click here.




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