Trim-A-Gutter™ System

The Trim-A-Gutter™ System - Customizable, Profitable, and Easy to Use

Trim-A-Gutter™ System - gutter hood former and hardware accessories are designed for residential and commercial roofs of 3/12 or greater pitch and 5 & 6 inch K style gutters installed new or retrofit. Modifications may be necessary when installing in conjunction with slate, tile, shake and metal roofs. Modifications should be preformed by a roofing or gutter professional having general knowledge in the field to which the application applies. Our system allows the contractor to decide what system best fits the project needs.

The cost per foot to make custom gutter hoods using the Trim-A-Gutter™ on the jobsite can be less than purchasing pre-formed "Off the Shelf" or "One Size Fits All" gutter hood products. This allows contractors the fastest, most inexpensive way to create custom gutter hoods with limitless color possibilities to match roof, gutter, or an accent color, based on the coil you buy.

As rainwater collects and cascades over the gutter hood, a natural surface tension is created causing the rainwater to follow the contours of the gutter hood. Once gravity takes over, the rainwater has cleared the gutter edge and falls into the gutter trough itself. Leaves and other rigid debris are unable to make the transition, falling harmlessly to the ground.

  • Works on .032, .027, .024, and .019 standard gutter and trim coils.
  • 50" rolling capacity for forming industry standard lengths.
  • Tool designed for special brackets, anchors, and clips (sold separately).
  • The fastest, most inexpensive way to get in on this business.
  • Match gutter colors more precisely for effortless integration.
  • Generous profit margins over existing off-the-shelf products.

Profitable & Easy... Here are 5 Reasons

    1) Easy to do
      a. All you need is our Trim-A-Gutter™ tool and Clips ⁄ Brackets (for 5" and 6")
      b. It’s simple to operate our tool and easy to install the hood
      c. No specialized training needed
    2) Inexpensive
      a. The cost per foot of this system is one of the lowest available
      b. No franchise or marketing fees
    3) Flexible
      a. Choose from hundreds of coil colors vs. only a few with other systems
      b. Choose the metal that best suits the job
      c. Make any style hood the customer prefers that fits their job. Choose fascia or roof mount, dome or low profile…it’s up to you
    4) Profitable
      a. Competes with high end hood systems at a premium price, but without the costs
      b. Avoid waste by using only the size of hood needed rather than the ”one size fits all” approach of other systems
      c. Expand endlessly. No limited territories
    5) Support
      a. Sales and Technical support available (8a-4p EST M-F)
      b. Video training & marketing tools are available

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