Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the difference between the Mark I™ (red) and the Mark II TrimMaster® (green) brakes?
    The hinge. The Mark I™ has a fixed hinge and the Mark II TrimMaster® has a POWERslot™ hinge. The POWERslot™ hinge makes a standard 5 ⁄ 8" bend and the fixed hinge makes a standard 3 ⁄ 4" bend.
    Q: Why a Van Mark brake over a competitor’s?
    The overall quality and the tools are stronger: Bigger stronger castings for better clamping. More extrusions for strength and accuracy.
    A: Lower maintenance and cost of ownership: Fewer moving parts mean fewer things to go wrong, fewer field adjustments and less frequent need for repairs and replacement parts.
    Q: Which Van Mark is the closest competitor to the others 14" throat and 19" throat brakes?
    The Mark I™ and Mark II TrimMaster® have a 14" throat depth and the Metal Master® 20 has a 20" throat depth.
    Q: Are replacement parts/maintenance parts available?
    Yes. Parts are available for every Van Mark EVER manufactured.
    Q: What metals are Van Mark Brakes designed to bend?
    Mark I™; Mark II TrimMaster®; Metal Master® 20 & Trim-A-Brake II™: Light gauge aluminum, steel and copper typically found in residential siding applications.
    -Mark IV TrimMaster® & Industrial Metal Master® 20: Aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel and zinc typically found in roofing, HVAC, commercial and industrial applications. Bending capacities available under specifications or call for more specific information.
    Q: How thick will TrimCutter™ cut?
    Up to 24 ga. painted steel, or generally “anything the brake will bend”.
    Q: Will Van Mark TrimCutter™, TrimFormer™ and QuickScore™ work on competitors brakes?
    No, Van Mark uses a 4-point track bearing system while others use only a 2-point track system that can ride off the brake, potentially rippling the metal. Therefore, others’ brakes are not built to properly accommodate Van Mark accessories.
    Q: Does the CD24 attach to the brake?
    No, unlike others that require you to attach it to the brake for it to work, the Van Mark Coil Dispenser™ offers you the choice to not only set up to feed directly into any brake, but also onto a table ⁄ work bench if you should require that.
    Q: Is there someone we can call if technical questions arise?
    Click here for our technical support page, call us for a live technical advisor on the phone to assist you or your customer.