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Nuisance Wildlife and Pest Control

The old days of calling the ‘exterminator’ are long gone. Nowadays to be in the wildlife control business means doing more construction and repair work than ever before. Too often the builder of the home gives little or no consideration to pest infiltration during the initial build. And as we know from the brilliant character Dr. Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park, that “Life finds a way.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to pests and other critters getting into our homes.

So, because of this, nuisance wildlife control operators are having to step up and provide a wider range of repair work and other solutions to keep the nasties out.Wildlife control sample 1 For some, this is nothing new, but for others, this may require learning some new skills. This is why we are so pleased to be partnering with Get Bent Academy, specialists in teaching these types of construction skills to beginners and experienced Wildlife Control Specialists. You can check out their course program here. (www.getbentacademy.com)

One of the most effective solutions for pest infiltration is to use materials that are more difficult for the animals and pests to penetrate, often this means a metal or aluminum product. And coincidentally, at Van Mark, we happen to have a LOT of experience (60 years’ worth) building premium siding and sheet metal bending brakes for the construction industry. So, we know what it takes to build tools that help the contractor create custom trim pieces to solve pest issues as well as beautify and protect the home from weather as well.

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Photo courtesy of www.wmwildliferemoval.com

Our Mark II TrimMaster is the most popular metal bending brake for construction use and has proven itself to be highly reliable and easy to use for seasoned users as well as beginners. And we now offer more compact versions of this popular brake that are ideal for Wildlife Control projects, like boxed soffit returns and flashing work among other things. Being that these brakes are available in 2’ models as well as 4’6” versions, you can find a durable, compact metal brake that will help you create whatever is needed to keep the outside, outside. (plus, we have longer brake models as well, if you need to tackle more traditional siding and roofing projects)

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These compact versions of our brakes are available through our friends at Wildman Products, who specialize in the specific tools and supplies needed for Wildlife Control work. (www.wildman-products.com) They also happen to be the crew that runs Get Bent Academy, so you can source your supplies, tools, and some new skills all in one place.
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"Bought my Van Mark brake last week and it already paid for itself!"
- Dylan Dunn, GBA Attendee, Van Mark Customer

Van Mark is old fashioned in that we believe in building durable tools that actually last.

Our cam-locking brake design is unique to Van Mark and offers far fewer moving parts that can wear out or bind up and requires virtually no maintenance. But if your brake is ever damaged, we can provide replacement parts or suitable replacement part solutions for all our products, even some of our tools from the 1960’s. So, you can trust that your Van Mark brake will be a good investment that you will have for decades to come.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about Van Mark brakes, slitters, saw tables or anything else in our wide range of tools. Or you can reach out to Wildman Products for any of your wildlife control needs.

Some of our popular tools for nuisance wildlife control: